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Jubilee Hall, Wesley Buildings
TR15 2FD

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Opening Times:

Every Tuesday 8:15pm -9:00pm @ Wesley Halls, Redruth
Wednesday's Fortnightly 7:45pm - 8:30pm @ Wesley Halls, Redruth
Sunday's 9:00am - 10:00am @ Raymond Road Park, Redruth

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  • Personal Trainer Cornwall
  • Fitness Classes Corwall
  • Boot Camps
  • Lose Weight
  • Tone Up
  • Increase Strength

Fitness classes, boot camps & personal training in Cornwall

Personal training in Cornwall

Fast track your way to meeting your fitness goals with professional personal training from Saundry Health & fitness.

My personal training starts with realistic yet challenging goals. First we look at what you want to achieve. Then we look at how best to get you there.

Goals are split into long and short term goals so you can see visible results – helping you stay motivated to achieve the best shape of your life.

And training tips are provided throughout, esuring you no longer waste time with incorrect techniques or methods.

Tailored nutritional tips are given to compliment training so you'll feel as healthy as you look.

So in three months time, wake up, look in the mirror and say to yourself 'I've done it'!

30 minute one-to-one sessions are just £12, so find out more. Call me today for a free initial consultation.

Fitness classes

Train your bum, tum, guns and more with my targeted circuit and fitness classes in Cornwall.

If you've been looking to tone up for a while, my fitness classes are ideal.

Training in a class keeps you motivated, gets you socialising and torches calories.

As fat turns to muscle and you drop dress or jean sizes you'll find yourself more and more eager to continue.

Classes are just £4 and the first class, where you find out what it's all about, is free!

Book your place early – just give me a quick call now.

Boot camps - NEW

Boot camps – full body workouts that take place outdoors – are perfect for those who enjoy outdoor exercise and being pushed to the max.

You will be tested to your limits and beyond in all manner of winds and weathers, getting hot sweaty and muddy as you face the elements.

Not for the faint hearted, but boot camps put your whole body through its paces – improving muscular strength & endurance and cardiovascular fitness.



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