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    Event specialist set to build on success of...

    The continued success of the popular Fal River Festival has been secured thanks to the appointment of one of Cornwall's leading arts development...

    By NigelB at 11:28 on 21/03/13, 0 comments

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    Truro residents encouraged to spring into...

    "It's dead simple – and an easy way to improve your life." That's the message from Lara Hill, the project officer for

    By NigelB at 13:54 on 06/03/13, 0 comments

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    Disabled cyclist riding solo to John O'Groats...

    Cyclist Jay House, who can only walk with the aid of a stick has set off on a marathon journey that will see him ride 2000 miles in under 30 days...

    By NigelB at 11:40 on 05/03/13, 0 comments

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    Law firm predicts busy month in run up to...

    A law firm in Cornwall believes there will be a rush in divorce proceedings as couples try to take advantage of Legal Aid before the scheme is...

    By NigelB at 17:38 on 22/02/13, 0 comments

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    Cyber Celebration of Beer at The Driftwood...

    Beer and technology are an integral part of many a man's (and woman's for that matter) life these days.

    The Driftwood Spars in St Agnes is...

    By NigelB at 12:48 on 21/02/13, 0 comments

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    Love is in the air

    A couple who were airlifted in Cornwall by air ambulance have said that their experience brought them closer together even resulting in a...

    By NigelB at 11:29 on 15/02/13, 0 comments

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    Adviser warns endowment backed mortgage...

    A Cornwall-based mortgage adviser is warning people who still have endowment backed mortgages to have them reviewed as soon as possible.


    By NigelB at 11:24 on 08/02/13, 0 comments

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    Final call for 'Team Kili'

    If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime in 2013 there is still time to get involved in the 

    By NigelB at 10:20 on 08/02/13, 0 comments

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    "I have never been so happy to see the...

    A Wadebridge man, airlifted by the Cornwall Air Ambulance, would like to thank the crew and everyone who helped to save his life.

    By NigelB at 16:24 on 07/02/13, 1 comments

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    Swan stops ferry

    Transport users have become accustomed to unusual excuses for delayed services.

    'Leaves on the line' and 'the wrong kind of snow' have been...

    By NigelB at 17:02 on 25/01/13, 0 comments

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