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Plaza Cinema Truro


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Lemon Street




A great little cinema that still has its character and individuality. Compared to some of the bigger chains, the refreshments and tickets prices are affordable. Friendly staff too.

By claire_bella at 17:05 on 10/02/11


WTW bringing movies to the big screen @ Truro for 13 years now.....become a friend of the Plaza at our facebook page for info & promo's.


10 Reviews of Plaza Cinema Truro

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    A great little cinema that still has its character and individuality.
    Compared to some of the bigger chains, the refreshments and tickets prices are affordable.
    Friendly staff too.

    By claire_bella at 17:05 on 10/02/11

  • Profile image for FunkyCoolMan

    Them Leather Seats, man.


    The Plaza has been in Truro for nearly as long as I can remember. And everytime I've seen a film in a cinema, I've seen it there. The staff has always been nice and friendly and some of the recent changes to the cinema have been great. Case in point, the leather seats.

    By FunkyCoolMan at 12:57 on 24/01/11

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    A good cinema


    Plaza is one of the finest cinemas that I have ever been to when it comes to seeing a latest release, the staff are highly professional and helpful, they also accept orange wednesday tickets in which you can take a friend there for free. They have a decent number of screens providing the entire audience with high quality screening footage of the latest releases.

    By Redbull92 at 10:19 on 24/01/11

  • Profile image for tigerraged

    Plaza is great


    Even if it isn’t as modern as some cinemas in the more populated parts of the country, Plaza has everything you want from a good movie showing place: polite, professional staff, cheap drinks and popcorn, and most importantly- the latest and greatest movies! I watched Sherlock Holmes at plaza and had a pleasant experience. One thing I will say, though is that you’d better go to the toilet before the film starts, because it goes pitch black when the lights go out, I couldn’t see a thing when the screen darkened.

    By tigerraged at 20:44 on 23/01/11

  • Profile image for Merry101

    Picture Perfect


    This is defintiely the perfect place to go to enjoy a great film. Situated near several car parks and with on street parking, the cinema is easily accessible. Once inside, the cinema is spacious and always has a great variety of films to choose from. You can book tickets in advance or pay just before going it (subject to availability). There is a good choice of refreshments, particularly of the pick n mix variety!

    By Merry101 at 06:47 on 25/05/10

  • Profile image for cornish_rose

    Fantastic film experience


    This is a very good cinema with plenty of comfy seats in each spacious screen. The staff are friendly, the toilets are clean and there is a good selection of drinks and snacks, with a bit of an expensive price tag. The ticket prices are good and youll definitely enjoy your cinema experience at the Plaza.

    By cornish_rose at 18:38 on 24/05/10

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    clean and tidy


    I always love going to the cinema, especially on the weekend. Even thought i Live in penzance I would rather travel a bit further for Plazas excellent quality. They offer the latest films for you and the place is always clean and tidy, espcecially for a cinema. The price is reasobale and not to expensive. I Love drinking the slushies! I really recomned coming here especially for the comfy seats!

    By rachclarke at 13:26 on 18/05/10

  • Profile image for paris15193

    Latest Films


    Truro cinema is always busy, it always screens the latest films and the prices are really resonable. They have a large selection of popcorn or sweets and they even have a pick 'n' mix section! You are able to book in advance or take the risk of just turning up! The cinema is quite large and has a number of screens. The toilets are always clean and the staff are very friendly.

    By paris15193 at 05:29 on 07/05/10

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    One of the best cinemas around!


    Truro cinema is resonably priced and always has the latest films, the atmosphere is great and staff are friendly and helpful.
    The prices are resonable and they accept orange wednesdays tickets which means you can bring a friend along for free.
    They have a fair amount of screens )some bigger than others) which are all ample sized, with plently of seats available Truro cinema has everything, well almost everything; there is limited access for disabled people which may ruin some families cinema experience.

    By Ash_Baker at 13:56 on 27/04/10

  • Profile image for JJ_JAKEMAN

    quality film viewing


    Truro cinema is the perfect place for a good movie going experience, the almost old feel of the cinema only adds to the overall feel of the place, sure it isnt up to par with the new st austell cinema, but we dont want it to be, we like the fabric seats its just the reliable cinema that everybody loves.

    By JJ_JAKEMAN at 06:27 on 27/04/10


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