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Secret Ink - the best continued.

Secret Ink will always give you the best artwork, best piercings (ever) and best care. Don't make the mistakes I've made and go anywhere else. Care for your body and do it properly with the professionals Secret Ink, not the amateurs. That's all!

By Franklymydear at 22:40 on 04/04/14

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  • Tattoo Laser Removal
  • Custom Designed Tattoo Art Work
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Have your tattoo custom designed in our studio in Truro Cornwall from our award winning Tattooists.

Whether you'd like to touch up existing artwork or are considering marking an occasion or period in your life through a new tattoo, you'll want to make sure your tattooist does a good job.

Our professional tattoo artists have a background in illustration and have won awards for their work. They will work with you to create high-end, bespoke designs to ensure you don't end up disappointed with your new artwork.

We work within a sterile, hygienic and professional environment and will give you all the after-care and follow up advice you need to ensure your Tattoo, Piercing or Tattoo Removal treatment turns out just as you imagine it to.

We also offer a range of payment options to make your new Tattoo or your Tattoo Removal a reality and are open late on Thursdays for convenience. Consultations are free, so if you're considering a new Tattoo or Tattoo Removal please call us and we'll arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements as well as answer any questions you may have.

Finally, we operate professionally and responsibly and therefore enforce a Challenge 25 policy. You'll need to be over 18 for a Tattoo; and over 16 for a Piercing, unless accompanied by an adult.

To find out more, call us or click through to our website (link above, left)to view our Tattoo portfolio, or find out more about Tattoo Laser Removal and Piercings.


16 Reviews of Secret Ink Tattoo, Piercing and Tattoo Removal Studio Truro

  • Profile image for Franklymydear

    Secret Ink - the best continued.


    Secret Ink will always give you the best artwork, best piercings (ever) and best care. Don't make the mistakes I've made and go anywhere else.
    Care for your body and do it properly with the professionals Secret Ink, not the amateurs.
    That's all!

    By Franklymydear at 22:40 on 04/04/14

  • Profile image for Franklymydear

    Secret Ink, the secret? They are the best.


    Having visited countless tattoo and piercing studios, I have finally found the best. Secret Ink aren't like other tattoo and piercing specialists, they firstly, consistently do the best work and secondly, they genuinely care.
    I have never felt more welcomed, nor been more informed with everything I needed to know, before making a decision to have a piercing or tattoo.
    If you are thinking about having a tattoo/piercing I recommend going to Secret Ink. Whether it's advice or guidance or getting down to the artwork, they are Cornwall's 'go-to' studio.
    When you add/remove something from your body, it's a big decision.

    By Franklymydear at 22:24 on 04/04/14

  • Profile image for nashie200180

    Amazing piercing and tattoo studio


    This was by far the best tattoo and pirecing experience I've ever had. Gabbie, Justin and their family were so welcoming and professional. The studio was incredibly clean and I was made to fel so at ease as soon as I walked in. I was given all the advice and guidance without any pressure and left with two piercings and an incredible custom designed tattoo. I love my new additions!! I will definitely be going back to Secret Ink and recommend them to all.
    Thanks guys : )

    By nashie200180 at 15:08 on 30/01/14

  • Profile image for Smiley-JonJon

    Right First Time


    I was quite a nervous customer as this was my first tattoo, but Justin & Gabbie completely put me at ease. I had a only a few rough ideas for a design in my head, backed up with a few fragmented pictures off the 'net and some scribbles, but the design Justin did from these was perfect. Everything was done at my own pace. Although it (obviously) hurt a bit, this was genuinely a really positive experience for me that I will remember always. I am very happy indeed with the result, and am looking forward to the warmer weather so I can show it off!

    By Smiley-JonJon at 20:30 on 29/01/14

  • Profile image for karlbone

    Secret Ink


    A good day. I popped into Secret Ink , had a consultation and showed Justin what i was after . Greeted with warm smiles and a nice relaxed ,well run family business . I was after a custom Tattoo and within 10 minutes all was sorted. Got a booking date for the 22.01.14 , well happy. Returned on said date, and after 4 hours the result was on my arm , professional and relaxed environment with plenty of coffee , i will certainly be recommending Secret Ink to anyone who will listen to me ! No doubt , in the near future i will be returning to them for some more Artwork , Many Thanks


    By karlbone at 12:11 on 23/01/14

  • Profile image for AmandaProbus

    Fabulous and Professional - Secret Ink


    From initial consultation to finished tattoo I was delighted with the service I received. Friendly and welcoming staff and a fantastic artist ensure that you feel like an individual and feel valued as a customer.Excellent creative advice was given and fabulous communication throughout the process ensured I got the exact tattoo I wanted.I will be recommending Secret Ink to everyone I know and will certainly be going there myself again soon.

    By AmandaProbus at 10:23 on 14/11/13

  • Profile image for Robpascoe

    What a fantastic experience!


    I have to start by saying that if anyone out there is planning to get themselves a tattoo you absolutely, positively, without any shadow of a doubt have to go and see the guys at Secret Ink! My wife had been wanting her first tattoo for a long time and today for her birthday she decided to go for it. As soon as we walked through the door we could tell this was a quality operation. We were greeted with warm smiles, an abundance of relevant advice and zero pressure. She had come prepared with an idea of what she wanted to which Justin then took and ten minutes later presented her with a custom design which was simply beautiful, the man is a seriously talented artist! The guys very patiently explained the whole process, including aftercare, putting us both very much at ease. The whole premises was immaculately clean and tidy with not a single speck of dust to be seen anywhere, (think operating theatre clean and you'll be getting somewhere close!). This is a family run business which take obvious pride in raising the bar to a whole new level and the smile on my wife's face when we left was priceless. Thank you so much Secret Ink, I have a funny feeling we'll be seeing you again soon.

    By Robpascoe at 16:44 on 15/10/13

  • Profile image for Sheri_berry

    Secret Ink Truro


    I would highly recommend Secret Ink, this family run business is an asset to Truro. The whole family are kind and experienced. They did a beautiful tattoo for my daughter and made her feel very at easy even though she was nervous when she went in. Do not hesitate to try Secret Ink, you will be glad you did!

    By Sheri_berry at 16:29 on 25/04/13

  • Profile image for danandnic

    secret ink brilliant and proffesional


    absolutely brilliant service proffessional and clean, lovely people my weife had her first here they talked her through it all she used the pain free ink whichn is only place i know that does it. very nice people indeed would highly recommend to anyione reasonable prices excellent designer i even got one done after my wife 5* tattoist i will come back again when down next the cheap tattooist in the area are cheap for a reason and this place whilst i was here have repaired what a couple of cheap places met up really friendly and well worth it thankyou very much

    By danandnic at 12:24 on 27/03/13

  • Profile image for Stephninni

    Thank You!


    I wanted a tattoo as a lasting memory of my mum. I came across Secret Ink online. Their website says that they want to change the perception of the tattoo industry---that they did! I have 2 other tattoo, it was so refreshing to find a studio that was so friendly, clean, and professional. I was given advice on size, placement and colour before they created the design for me. The inking experience was actually enjoyable, the room is so comfortable, relaxing and above all immaculately clean. I now have a unique stunning piece of artwork that I am SO pleased with. Their aftercare advice is comprehensive and I wouldn't hesitate to contact them if I wanted any further advice. They provide the 'whole package' expertly. I cannot recommend them highly enough and will definitely be returning in the future. Thank you Secret Ink!!

    By Stephninni at 13:13 on 13/02/13

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