Council's plan to build 48,500 new homes in Cornwall 'still not enough'

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By Western Morning News | Thursday, November 08, 2012, 08:00

Cornwall Council proposals to build 48,500 new homes in the next two decades may not be enough to solve the crippling housing crisis, a senior figure has admitted.

Senior councillors yesterday set the new target for house building higher than the figure of 38,000 called for last month by the authority's policy panel.

The decision by the cabinet, which now needs to be approved by the full council, comes after the chronic lack of construction in the Duchy was revealed in a shocking new report.

A National Housing Federation study found that more than 27,000 new households formed in the South West region in 2011/12, with just 16,100 new homes built.

It also revealed that the number of families on waiting lists in the Duchy soared from just under 8,000 in 2010 to 18,000 in 2011 – a 138% rise – and now stand even higher at 27,000.

The authority's cabinet member for housing, Mark Kaczmarek, said the target reduces to 30,000 when extant approvals are factored in, and was the bare minimum it could defend.

"This will stack up when it gets to Government but probably still won't address the acute housing crisis," he added. "It is about giving business confidence to create jobs and investment, protect the environment and provide renewable energy.

"The plan is far-reaching, but without a plan that the council can defend when tested by examiners we will be open to appeal by every developer in Cornwall."

The council has been working towards setting a new figure since the Government scrapped the regional Spatial Strategy, which had proposed 68,000 new homes by 2030.

Planning consultant Russell Dodge, who runs Business Location Services in Truro, said construction would not increase substantially until the market improved.

Mr Dodge said many builders were "sitting" on permissions on so-called brownfield sites which could not be developed as they were not viable.

"The council has actually been a success in terms of delivery, much better than the district councils, but it is on a hiding to nothing," he said.

He also said the Community Infrastructure Levy, which forces extra financial contributions from developers, will be a fresh "burden".

"At a time when the market is on its uppers the Government has decided to throw another spoke in the wheel," he added.



  • Profile image for caroclemens

    Demand in this particular case is created by marketing of a supply. In other words, the supply is not a response to internal demand.
    It is difficult to satisfy the external demand because it is constantly being stimulated by marketing and indirectly by tourism. That means that we cannot reduce house prices for first time buyers by the method of large developments. For people on the housing list we need specific schemes which get them a home instead of using them as a false excuse for a developer's bonanza.

    By caroclemens at 10:59 on 09/11/12

  • Profile image for Doitdreckley

    Roger Angove, they are not smears. These attitudes by UKIP writers have been amply illustrated in the weekly comments that they insert into advertising in local papers every week. I have alsi witnessed UKIP members baying at a meeting that involved women and gay men some years ago.

    You have no alternative to the fact that European funding has been a necessity for Cornwall as successive governments have done very little for Cornwall. On this you repeat a mantra with no facts as you do on Cornish nationalism.

    H Trevorow thinks we can pave over a small place like Cornwall and take more and more people with no consequences and still not sorting out the housing shortage. If 1000s of people move to Cornwall where there are housing and job problems then then how will their housing been funded? Its H Trevorow who has no solution because the developer in this article can't afford to pay for it. He has no solution for the additional pressure on services and the environment except for 'copy and paste'.

    By Doitdreckley at 20:59 on 08/11/12

  • Profile image for H_Trevorrow

    For those that don't know paddy...he's a fully fledged cornish nat who , along with mk and the lib dems/mk lite, advocate a degeneration policy of not even providing housing for the current waiting list.

    By H_Trevorrow at 20:43 on 08/11/12

  • Profile image for H_Trevorrow

    thanks for that paddy
    any answer for the 27THOUSAND FAMILIES on a waiting list....or will you just dissappear with the rest of the cowards

    By H_Trevorrow at 20:31 on 08/11/12

  • Profile image for PaddyTrembath

    H_Trevorrow, do you think that re-posting your previous comments gives them more legitimacy?

    Do you believe that if you repeat yourself enough times it will come true?

    We read it the first time, if we chose not to comment on it, it was because we didn't think it worth commenting on. The intervening 7 hours and 17 minutes will not have changed our minds.

    By PaddyTrembath at 20:21 on 08/11/12

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